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Cutter suction dredgers

Boskalis has cutter suction dredgers (CSDs) that are either self-propelled vessels or stationary dismountable vessels equipped with a rotating cutter head. These powerful cutter suction dredgers are used in dredging rock, clay, silt and sand. Boskalis deploys cutter suction dredgers in the construction and maintenance of ports, land reclamation and coastal defenses, and riverbank protection, and in dredging trenches for pipelines.

A cutter suction dredger is positioned on spuds and anchor winches to ensure the vessel is firmly anchored during dredging. The cutter ladder is lowered. By pulling on the side wires, the cutter head is moved sideways, swinging around the main spud. The cutter suction dredger moves forward by means of the spud carriage.

The cut material together with a large quantity of water is drawn into the suction mouth. This soil and water mixture is then transported by the dredge pump through the large discharge pipeline for further transport to the designated site.

The dredged material is pumped into the floating pipelines for transport over large distances to the designated area. The dredged material can also be transported by barge.

Boskalis has around 10 cutter suction dredgers.

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Cutter suction dredger

23,886 Kilowatt

Beaver St. Lawrence

Cutter suction dredger

1,282 Kilowatt


Self propelled, sea-worthy cutter section dredger



Cutter suction dredger

9,197 Kilowatt