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support vessels

Boskalis has five diving support vessels in its fleet or on long term charter. These are DP-2 and DP-3 state-of-the-art DSV’s, fully equipped with AIR diving, single and/or twin bell saturation diving and ROV support capabilities. The vessels are operated by a dedicated and experienced crew, operating 24/7 on a year around basis.

Surface demand diving systems

Besides a fleet of specialized vessels, Boskalis is also operating complete surface demand diving systems suitable for air and nitrox diving operations. Systems in operations range from (semi-) permanent systems onboard of vessels, daughter diving crafts to containerized and suitcase systems. Some of our diving systems are classed “Zone 2” for operations onboard FPSO’s and platforms in hazardous areas.

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BOKA Da Vinci

Diving support vessel


BOKA Polaris

Multi-role Diving Support Vessel


BOKA Atlantis

Diving support vessel



Diving support vessel


BOKA Topaz

Multi-role Diving Support Vessel