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Mid-April SMIT Salvage started a project to remove oil residues from the wreck of the VLCC ‘Haven', off the coast of Genoa, Italy. This crude carrier sank in the 1980s as a result of an on-board explosion.

The contract was awarded by the Genoa municipal authorities, on a preventive basis, to protect the extensive oyster and mussel beds in the area, together with tourist beaches. The operation was carried out and supervised from a locally chartered work platform, ‘AD3'. The oil in the accommodation of the ‘VLCC Haven' was suctioned out with a 'vacuum'. The oil in the tanks was removed with the help of the hottap system. In total, four divers divided into two teams of two divers carried out the work making use of saturation diving material (MINI SAT system). The teams switched the decompression tank on board the pontoon in six-hour shifts for diving activities at the wreck (up to 75 metres). A total of 88 individual spaces had to be checked and certified free of oil. The wreck's cargo tanks are known to be empty.

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