Boskalis has extensive experience in seabed intervention activities to protect both the seabed and the assets that are being placed in and on the seabed on behalf of the oil & gas and offshore wind industry. Our extensive experience ranges from seabed rock installation to landfall activities, and from GBS to import and export terminal related activities.

Seabed rock installation

During the last decades we have executed numerous seabed rock installation projects for foundations or gravity based structures. These involve rock placement activities for:

  • seabed preparation
  • stability and location preservation
  • scour protection

Gravity-based structures (GBSs)

Our wide range of activities offer a turn-key solution for the installation of gravity based structures. This includes:

  • Seabed preparation/oil improvement 
  • Transport of GBSs to the project site
  • Installation of GBSs
  • Ballasting the GBSs 
  • Scour protection installation 

Landfall activities (trunklines)

Boskalis ensures the connection of offshore and onshore zones by executing landfall and trunklines activities.

We own a wide range of versatile dredging equipment which enable us to perform all common landfall and trunkline activities, taking our client’s project requirements and local sea state and seafloor conditions into account.

Import/Export-LNG Terminal activities

We offer proven installation solutions for new floating gas terminals. Our versatile fleet and teams have the ability to perform mooring installations, hook-up and any subsea, umbilicals, risers and flowlines (SURF) related activities. This allows us to streamline the marine operations and reduce the interfaces for the client which accelerates the construction process.

Clip: fallpipe vessel

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