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Landfall and terminal activities

Boskalis has extensive experience in landfall constructions and trenching works worldwide. Our activities include a full-scope approach, consisting of dredging and trench excavation from the offshore zone to the onshore zone, including the tidal area. And we specialize in backfill and pipe-pull operations. Our wide range of dredging and rock-placing equipment enables us to execute the work efficiently.

Landfall activities (trunklines)

Connecting the offshore and onshore zones by means of landfall and trunkline activities calls for accurate timing as well as potentially high production levels due to the need for a favorable sea state and fair weather conditions, particularly in the SURF zone.

We execute the works with our own range of dredging vessels, such as trailer hopper suction hoppers, cutters suction dredgers and backhoe dredgers. The selection of equipment is based on the project requirements and local conditions, such as the sea state and the seafloor.

Import/export LNG terminal activities

We are always at the forefront when it comes to the installation of new floating gas terminals and assist with the mooring installation, hook-up and any subsea, umbilical, riser and flowline (SURF)-related activity. This enables us to streamline marine operations and reduce the interfaces for the client, thus accelerating the construction process.

We add value by developing innovative, best-for-project solutions and by optimizing the development process through (parallel) design, obtaining permits and execution.
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Baltic Pipe – Lillebælt Crossing Fænø

Baltic Pipe – Lillebælt Crossing Fænø: The project consisted of the fabrication and installation of a pipeline 4 km offshore, passing south of the island of Fænø as part of the wider Baltic Pipe project. The work also included the temporary installation of guide piles south of Fænø as well as two landfalls: one on Jutland and one on Funen. The 36-inch (914 mm) gas pipeline routed south of the island of Fænø in middle of the Little Belt (Lillebælt) strait and north of a Natura 2000 habitat which

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