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Artificial reefs

Artificial reefs mimic their natural counterparts. They can be used to deliver ecological and socio-economic benefits in marine infrastructure and coastal protection projects, as well as to restore the habitats of keystone species such as corals.

Boskalis has the expertise needed to build artificial reefs. We engage in focused research and knowledge alliances. We can offer you our unique knowledge, network and solutions for project development, permit
application procedures and installation.


Coastal protection
Artificial reefs reduce wave energy as effectively as traditional breakwaters or defenses, but at lower costs relative to the ecological value generated. They protect underwater vegetation and waterfront communities,
and stabilize and retain sediment.

Ecosystem restoration
Artificial reefs restore ecosystems such as coral and oyster reefs. They instantly create complex habitats, supporting recovery and growth. They can also be used near marine infrastructure projects to reduce ecological recovery times and/or to enhance ecological and recreational value.

Enhanced productivity and the local economy Artificial reefs boost fish production. With surfaces designed for the settlement of organisms like corals and oysters, they create countless feeding and habitat options for marine species such as fish, lobster and invertebrates, supporting local livelihoods through tourism and fishing


Mineral Accretion Technology (MAT)
MAT allows for modular designs which actively stimulate coral growth, thereby delivering highly complex habitats and climate resilience for corals. Local production, transport, and installation are straightforward and can be easily scaled.

Modular Sealife System
The Modular Sealife System (MOSES) focuses on enhancing fish biomass and supporting seabed communities. The limited size and weight of the MOSES units make them uniquely suited for production and construction in remote areas where resources are limited, but they are equally suitable for well-developed coastal regions.

Reef Enhancing Breakwater
The Reef Enhancing Breakwater is a modular design of heavy units that can be assembled to form exceptionally stable artficial reef structures. By creating habitat features at both large and small scales,
they can host a complex reef ecosystem, whilst providing unique stability and coastal protection against currents and severe storm conditions.

3D Printed Reefs
3D printing technology provides the freedom of form needed for target species. The 3D-printed units can be made with different materials to suit local conditions and ecosystems using sustainable circular principles.

We see the development of large-scale artificial reefs as an important innovation. Our thorough understanding of this technology means we can design reefs with multiple functions for use around the world. We have the expertise and strategic partnerships needed to create fit-for-purpose reef designs and the installation methods to facilitate upscaling.

We are on hand to help with your projects, partnerships and pilot studies. We can advise you from the earliest design sketches through to the installation and monitoring phases of a project.

Our Artificial Reefs Program is unique in the industry. For more information Artificialreefs.