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Sustainability at Boskalis goes beyond managing our business and projects in a responsible manner. We seek to leverage our ability to influence and innovate, to create added social, environmental and economic value where we can. These cases illustrate our approach in action.

Overview Sustainability Cases


Meet the buyer: Dialog and cooperation in the chain

As part of our chain responsibility in 2011 we invited a selection of our most important suppliers to structurally expand the dialog on sustainability during a series of three sessions.


Biofuel pilot program

In 2015, Boskalis, along with consortium partners GoodFuels Marine of the Netherlands and Finnish engine manufacturer Wärtsilä, launched a two-year biofuel pilot program aimed at accelerating the scalable development of sustainable, reliable and affordable drop-in biofuels for the maritime sector, which could result in significant emissions reductions.


Contributing to the circular economy

In 2016 Boskalis and HVC, the largest non-commercial waste collection company in the Netherlands, opened the world’s first bottom ash washing plant. The plant recycles incinerator bottom ash, a by-product of the incineration of household waste in waste-to-energy plants.


Khalifa Port,
Abu Dhabi

Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone (KPIZ), one of the largest port development projects in the world, is aimed at providing infrastructure for the growing industrial and commercial activities of Abu Dhabi. The new port was built close to the biggest coral reef in the Arabian Gulf.


in the chain

Van Voorden Castings has been a supplier of wearing parts for dredging ships for over 30 years. 'Over the past few years we, together with Boskalis, increasingly came to the realization that we were destroying value by treating worn-out parts as scrap metal. Once you remove the parts that have worn away, what is left of things like pump casings and impellers is completely reusable. Together we have developed a process for this. All the old parts come back to the Netherlands and are cut down into small lumps and then melted down in our factory and turned into new products,' explained Jac Meeuwissen, director of Van Voorden in Zaltbommel.


Port XL: sustainable innovation

For the last five years, Boskalis has partnered with PortXL, a Dutch organization scouting and selecting innovative new companies that can serve the needs of the global maritime industry, bringing external innovation inside the company.