Boskalis operates one of the largest fleets of specialized offshore vessels in the world. We serve a variety of projects - from ocean transport of a drilling rig, to the subsea installation of an offshore production platform or an offshore wind farm. Our fleet is regarded as one of the most versatile, able to meet the variety of different requirements that may be demanded by each project.

Heavy transport vessels

Specialized marine vessels used in a number of specific offshore transport roles.

Multipurpose/cable laying vessels

DP-2 vessels that can be outfitted for cable laying or a wide range of other tasks.

Fallpipe vessels

Vessels that are able to deposit stones accurately at great depths.

Diving support vessels

DP-2 and DP-3 dynamically positioned diving support vessels, which are fully equipped with AIR/SAT diving and ROVs to perform subsea construction activities.

Oceangoing and anchor handling tugs

Anchor handling tugs and other specialist transport vessels are primarily deployed to support the production activities of oil and gas companies.

Heavy lift vessels

Cost-effective and flexible solutions for heavy lift projects, most with their own means of propulsion.

Various offshore vessels and equipment

Ranging from (semi-submersible) oceangoing flat top barges and floating super pallets to ROV's.

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