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Offshore vessels

Boskalis operates one of the largest fleets of specialized offshore vessels in the world. We serve a variety of projects - from ocean transport of a drilling rig, to the subsea installation of an offshore production platform or an offshore wind farm. Our fleet is regarded as one of the most versatile, able to meet the variety of different requirements that may be demanded by each project.

Our fleet includes heavy lift vessels, cable-laying vessels, heavy transport vessels, multipurpose / cable-laying vessels, fall pipe vessels, semi-submersible heavy lift vessels, diving support vessels, offshore construction support vessels, anchor handling tugs, floating sheerleg cranes and survey vessels.

Furthermore we have specialized mission equipment such as trenching equipment such as ploughs, jetting and mechanical trenchers, subsea pre-piling frames, ROVs and various innovative subsea cable tools to support and enhance our activities in the offshore energy industry.

Solutions Production Facility Transportation

Semi-submersible heavy transport vessels

With a total of eleven semi-submersible heavy transport vessels in our fleet, we are in an excellent position to deliver the right vessel at the right time and location.

Bokalift 2 (6)

Heavy lift vessels

Our heavy lift vessels offer versatile transportation & installation solutions using self-propelled vessels equipped with cranes with lifting capacities of 3,000 and 4,000 tons.

Subsea Cables

Cable-laying vessels

Our multipurpose cable-laying vessels and barges, including a dedicated inter-array cable installation vessel, allow us to offer a wide range of inter-array, export and interconnector installation solutions.

BOKA Atlantis (2)

Diving support vessels

Boskalis has five diving support vessels in its fleet or on long term charter. These are DP-2 and DP-3 state-of-the-art DSV’s, fully equipped with AIR diving, single and/or twin bell saturation diving and ROV support capabilities.

Giant 6

Semi-submersible oceangoing barges

Giant 5 & 6 are sister barges with a lifting capacity up to 21,000 ton to support load-out & float off operations of large structures.


Floating sheerleg cranes

Floating sheerleg cranes offer cost-effective and flexible solutions for heavy lift projects. Boskalis owns a fleet of floating sheerleg cranes with lifting capacities of 3,200 and 5,000-ton.

Our offshore vessels (1 of 2)

Boskalis operates one of the largest fleet of specialized offshore vessels and barges in the world.

Sepetiba Triple Tow (1)

Ocean towage tugs

Our advanced ocean towage tugs are capable of towing the largest and most valuable objects afloat, such as floating production units , storage and offloading units (FPSO’s), semi-submersible drilling rigs and caissons.


Anchor handling tugs

We own a large number of smaller and larger anchor handling tugs with a capacity which ranges from 65 to 200+ tons bollard pull with ASD and/or DP2 capabilities and equipped with cargo handling systems.

Boka Northern Ocean 034

Construction support vessels

Boskalis has five state-of-the-art CSV’s in its fleet or on long term charter that are known for their wide range of capabilities in the offshore construction market.


Subsea Rock Installation vessels

Our fleet of subsea rock installation vessels consists of three dedicated self-propelled DP-2 vessels equipped with a flexible fallpipe which can be lowered into the water. Uniquely, the fallpipe vessel can position rock with extreme accuracy down to a depth of 1,500 meters.


Survey vessels

Our subsidiaries Gardline and Horizon own and operate a fleet of state of the art survey vessels, fully equipped with turnkey solutions for marine geophysical, geotechnical and environmental surveys. These permanently mobilised vessels are managed by a dedicated crew of specialists.

Large Smit Rov Retouched

Various offshore vessels and equipment

Our fleet of offshore equipment includes motion compensated pile gripper frame and various ROVs.

Fleet Cable Lay Equipment

Cable lay equipment

We have our own range of dedicated equipment for the installation of cables, such as ploughs, burial sledges, trenchers, and boulder clearance tools.

Our offshore vessels (2 of 2)

Boskalis operates one of the largest fleet of specialized offshore vessels and barges in the world.

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BOKA Vanguard

Heavy transport vessel

117,000 Tons

Bokalift 1

Heavy lift vessel

3,000 Tons

BOKA Da Vinci

Diving support vessel

Boka Ocean (1)

Boka Ocean

Cable-laying/construction support vessel



Cable-laying/multipurpose vessel

Large Hoofdbeeld Optie 2

Motion Compensated Pile Gripper Frame